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We make government services accessible for all

At Compiler we’re dedicated to building open-source, human-centered, secure, solutions to support the delivery of government services that increase equity of opportunity.

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What we’ve been up to

Recent work

Customer Success strategy

Implemented new Customer Success program for California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP)

Benefits application

Developed Cal-ITP Benefits, a digital tool allowing transit riders to verify their eligibility for a reduced fare and attach the discount to their bank card, so they automatically get their discount when tapping-to-pay.

Open data standards

Convened the Operational Data Standards (ODS) working group and drafted ODS v1. Drafted the Mobility Data Interoperability Prinicpals (MDIP), a public sector-led coalition to build support for interoperable technology in the mobility industry.

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Our philosophy

Empower government workers

Through service design, human-centered policy, and intentional technology choices, we make government services equitable and accessible for all.

  • First and always inclusive
  • Be excellent to each other
  • Focus on frontline workers
  • Open and honest engagement
  • Public services built to last

Compiler is a world-class team and an excellent choice for software development services.

—Jeremy Dalton, VP Mobility Xentrans and Technical Project Manager for Cal-ITP

Who we are

Meet the team

We’re a small team of remote workers who believe and advocate for better public services
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Shelby Miller

Managing Partner

Watercolor illustration of Machiko Yasuda

Machiko Yasuda

Senior Software Engineer

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Scott Frazier

Managing Partner

Watercolor illustration of Laney Mangan

Laney Mangan

Associate Consultant, Customer Support Specialist

Watercolor illustration of Sarah Henry

Sarah Henry

UX Designer

Watercolor illustration of Vyki Englert

Vyki Englert

Managing Partner

Watercolor illustration of Olivia Ramacier

Olivia Ramacier

Associate Researcher, Customer Success Specialist

Watercolor illustration of Angela Tran

Angela Tran

Senior Software Engineer

Watercolor illustration of Anthony Rollins

Anthony Rollins

Managing Partner

Watercolor illustration of Milo Green

Milo Green

Executive Assistant, Business Development

Watercolor illustration of Kegan Maher

Kegan Maher

Managing Partner

Watercolor illustration of Marissa Rosemblat

Marissa Rosemblat

Product Manager

Team illustrations by @worksofharte

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